Easy &

For advertisers

To distribute information about your project, you need to make five simple steps:

  1. You need to pass a simple registration
  2. Download and install browser for your OS
  3. Create an ad
  4. Make a deposit
  5. Start your ad

Beneficial &

For everyone

Every user of browser will receive an ethereum from the money spent by advertisers. 70% of the money spent on advertising is shared between users of the browser. Referral system: 0.0005ETH for browser install and login in browser, 6% of user's earnings, and 10% of advertisers.

Download Crypto Browser

The crypto browser is built on the basis of the chromium open source browser code. We have also implemented an ad network inside the browser to advertise any crypto projects and for earnings for ordinary users. At the moment, the browser's functionality is very small, but we fix problems every month and introduce innovations in order to make it convenient to use the browser. We are doing everything to make our project successful and widespread. In order to distribute the browser between people, we have made a very good and profitable affiliate program. Currently available for download versions for Windows, MacOS and Linux. Join and witness the history of the project.

Contact Us

Email: admin@crypto-browser.org